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In his 65 years is not a shred of Made Taro indicate a desire to quit doing activities since I was a teacher ( retired in 2000) . He's still around to schools who need guidance , especially in terms of educating teachers who are interested in children's games . Made Taro did since young children have been wrestling with this game . Initially when he was still a art teacher in high school in Denpasar .
" Once I saw many small children running around the streets after school hours when , in fact there is almost run over by a motor , " said the man born Sengkidu Bali. Taro who was then living in Wangaya , downtown Denpasar feel should perform practical steps to give the children a meaningful activity . Kukuruyuk sangggar established , which means the sound cock crowing in the morning . Through the workshop the children who originally roamed directed to play creatively .
Kukuruyuk studio 80s when local television was 5 years old gave Taro and studio members to appear on television once a week on a regular basis . Taro enthusiastically welcomed the offer. Begin urban children began to leave the game to know the children were herded back local culture was very useful .
" Before I introduce games such as mejaranan , or metimbingan children more fun with such games or play station , " said the father of three sons. Games that tend to make children tend to be selfish and not familiar with the violence that shape the character of children who should interact more with other children and be tolerant .
Modern games just to make the child become mere consumers , because every time new games or appear more sophisticated and children should buy it because it was not given the opportunity to make their own . In contrast to traditional game development children are taught to recognize more in the tools to play , how to maintain and how to make it at once .
" Every game I even created complete with soundtrack and gamelan as a companion , so that children are not only honed their motor nerves but also music and social intelligence , " said grandfather 4 grandchildren.
The game is almost extinct as hide and seek , metembing gandong , or mecingklak display on television . Complete with song as penyemarak game and also gamelan sounded cheerfully .
" The lyrics of his songs I adjust the child's ability to understand the atmosphere and conditions permaiana , while the gamelan I made as simple as possible , " he said . Among them he uses gamelan rindik made ​​of bamboo slats . Also there kenong and jimbe . Jimbe it is a typical African drum used to accompany music regae .
" I chose it because if you use too large Balinese gamelan percussion , while there are various sizes jimbe easy to play children , " he added .
Each game usually consists of 3 rounds , some people can race simultaneously, or they could also compete individually . Children will be divided into two groups , each group consisting of sons and daughters .
" Traditional children's games from the beginning was to teach children how to work well together, mutual support and tolerance , " he added . Besides of course be able to enjoy the victory in moderation and do not accept defeat with anger .
Until now protégé Kukuruyuk existing studio to be a doctor , and being a lawyer . They are scattered throughout Indonesia . No fewer than 8,000 children who went the extra at the studio .
" Most of them even claimed to follow the child's game so great value , because they are geared to develop his imagination early on , and when they are married then their children are also directed to follow the activities of Kukuruyuk studio , " he said .
Every other week , until the year 2011 Made Taro still train children to play traditional school yard . They were given about 5 games that have existed since the first in Bali .
" Within a year they also gave me about 3 new games that I dug out of games or the existing one, but still with a spirit of cooperation and tolerance with other kids , " he said . No special assessment in the studio , but to direct them to develop physically and mentally healthy .
And since it's dedication in 2009 long ago Made Taro received an award from President Susilo Yudhoyono as a preserver of culture . Whereas previously the Minister of Culture Jro Wacik Made Taro also received an award plaque as a pioneer in games or children .
" All of the award was whipped me to work even harder to dig develop and preserve games or children , " he said seriously .
In addition to actively train in studio Kukuruyuk , for 10 years between 1990 to 2000 Made Taro also be a core trainer for teachers of primary school teachers are expected to be teaching games or children in school .
Until now no fewer than 300 teachers who have been given knowledge about child's play . It's just that after a given training curriculum that applies in every school is not in sync with the theory that it has provided .
" Many teachers complained that too many class hours are directed to the smell of scientific and practical logic , which directs children rarely spur the imagination , " said he deplored . But Taro never give up , to keep burning passion he regularly traveled to various parts of Bali to teach the ability to train teachers to be the successor of games or children .
While at the national level also flapped his name because he has published several books related to children's games . Also that has to do with the children's story . No less than 137 children's stories or fairy tales that have been produced in about 10 books that circulated in Indonesia .
In the children 's fairy tale book she tuck tale of heroism , stories of knights and also the problem of honesty .
" I take it from the whole fairy tale in Indonesia , from Sabang to Merauke, then do some sort of cross to become a more dynamic fairy tale , " he said . He gives the example of a story onions and garlic , every region in Indonesia have it and there are about 8 version .
" There is a wise white onions , red onions there is also a polite , some are arrogant red onion and garlic in the doldrums , " he said . But from that he did not find the fabled fairy tale Pinikio similar to that when lying nose getting longer .
Storytelling and playing for children is their everyday world . Made Taro never encourage children to use the games or the target . Everything is left to the child to be decisive in any of games .
" Permaianan indeed been created for the child and the child's development and happiness for the sake of them, I just became a sort of driving from behind , " he said . It's just that in every child there must be an element of games he describes as a reward for winning and punishment for the loser .
When the fundamental things that do not exist in games or child then the child will be deprived of personal play time . And it does not just apply in Bali or Indonesia. Made Taro been a special guest for the leading schools in Australia . The kangaroo country their children are certainly more modern .
" But once I directed them to make their games or make use of bamboo with enthusiasm , they went looking for a bamboo forest and assembles them into various kinds of toys they have never seen before , " said Taro . Although Australia only once , but the students who get a brief knowledge was very terkesan.Terbuktu when there is time off to Bali 's children will visit to his residence in Suwung Kangin beautiful Bali .
Likewise, when he was invited to South Africa last year . Made Taro received a warm welcome from local residents . He was invited by the Ambassador of Indonesia to give a bit of knowledge to children in this former French colony .
" I went to a remote area and buy a wind instrument made ​​of aluminum tubes that emit various kinds of sounds of birds , " he said . When he did demonstration games or children's children with the tools in the other regions in Africa still do not recognize the device showed .
From simple things wide Made Taro sharpen that ability , maximize the utilization of a simple tool as a complement to games or children . In southern Africa it appears in various arenas of games that at the time the child is being in festivalkan .
" Developing countries like South Africa it was keen to develop its human resources and it all starts with shaping the character of children , " he added .
Made Taro hopes trace preserving children's games and fairy tales in Bali in Indonesia will get rave reviews from all over the world . Because when the deprived children of the world to play it any disaster such as corruption and other serious crimes and minor will be rampant . Because small children since not understand the importance of character formation , how to respect others , will grow into selfish .
" That will eventually lead to a crime such as pickpocketing mild to severe such as drain state money , " he said anyway . According to the preservation and development of children's games that do just a small and simple steps . But from the simple things that can accumulate greater .
Let the children are familiar with online games that are now spread to remote villages is a matter of concern according to him once . Because children are only familiar with a computer keyboard and a computer screen . Also they are very keen to outdo each other in order to get a big score and bonur , though only in the form of coins shadow instead of real coins .
The game will keep children children alienated from nature as it is , because it took them back to the nature of learning while playing . Taro has a big role in shaping the national cadres , he indeed deserves a thumbs up for the effort that never was relentless .

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